My Story

Hello, Welcome to my website

Having grown up in Poland, consuming fresh, natural, nutritious foods, I assumed this was how the world worked when it comes to diet. Only when I moved to England in 2006 did I become exposed to the phenomenon of processed ‘convenience’ foods.

Since my move overseas I’ve become increasingly passionate about health, nutrition and lifestyle; so much so that my career in Marketing Management was becoming less of an interest to me, and I decided to study for a degree in Nutritional Therapy.

This has given me the opportunity to convert my passion for food and healthy living into a business.


I truly believe there is much to learn about how nutrition affects every aspect of our lives, and I believe many illnesses and health conditions are man-made as a result of bad nutrition.

My real passion is how nutrition impacts fertility and pregnancy – Why?…….because I know how every ‘wanting’ mother feels. My husband and I tried to conceive for 5 years before our wonderful son, Hugo was born through the support of our 1st cycle of IVF. I firmly believe our IVF success was down not only to an amazing clinic and fantastic team of people, but also the dramatic change in our lifestyle and diet. Our daughter was conceived naturally which again I put down to optimal nutrition.  Since I become a mum, children nutrition has been very importnat to me. Happiness is seeing my children eat good real food.

Smarta is born..

Set up by Masters Degree awarded Nutritionist Marta Holman. Smarta Nutrition is based in South Manchester, however consultations are also available online. I offer bespoke nutritional health programs and personal consultations to help you live healthy and happy life. Get in touch for a chat. I will delighted to be a part of your journey to a better health.


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