I help people live a better life with personalised nutrition support and advice. Chronic illnesses, weight struggles, poor sleep, ADHD and lack of energy can all be improved with optimal nutrition.

Good nutrition, or the lack of it, is being recognised more and more as a significant contributor to chronic illnesses, poor sleep, stress, children`s behavioural disorders, fatigue, digestive issues, skin conditions and the list goes on. It does not have to be this way!......

Being a slave to a bottle of pills is not the only option! Every person is beautifully unique and their nutritional needs are equally diverse. By taking the time to know and understand my clients fears, issues, concerns and objectives, I am able to provide them with personalised nutritional support to help them achieve their goals. I am Marta Holman a Masters degree qualified Nutritional Therapist and I am passionate about your health, happiness and well being, just get in touch if you want help.


Dear Marta, I just wanted to say massive thank you for your advice regarding my mum. We finally feel like we are making progress. You spotted something that has been missed repeatedly by GPs and that combined with your nutrition advice is already having a massive positive impact. Thanks again!


I cannot thank you enough for your advice and knowledge and the difference it has made to how I feel – physically & mentally.

Jo Bayles

Marta has been fantastic! Her knowledge and experience gives her the ability to give the best advice possible.

Ms. Parsonage

The nutritional advice that Marta gave me was invaluable. Thank you Marta for being so helpful and clear in the nutritional advice and responding so quickly when I needed it.

Joanne Unsworth


We believe in a person-centred approach and develop a special relationship with each of our clients. We understand that everyone is different so we listen to your needs and develop a programme specifically tailored to your lifestyle.


We are so proud to have helped many people achieve their goals. All our recommendations given are evidence based, which means we look at the latest studies and publications to assure we are following best practise.


We are firm believers that nutrition and sport go hand-in-hand. Whether you are looking to change your fitness lifestyle or aiming for a specific event, Smarta can help you achieve your goals with a detailed nutrition plan.

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