Sample Programme

The programmes we create for our clients are tailored towards individual requirements, but here is a sample plan for a client who is struggling to conceive.

The Consultation Process

We recommend a block of 3 consultations every 4-5 weeks to begin with. This is to allow the time needed to see positive changes and the Nutritional Therapist to undertake appropriate research.

If your Nutritionist identifies any potential health problems, you will be referred to seek medical attention from your G.P.

Initial Consultation

Up to 2.5 hrs dependent on client situation

Clients will be asked to complete Health Review prior to the first session, the outcome of this review will give the Nurtitional Therapist crucial information to assess the current situation, and fully prepare for the meeting.
The initial consultation will largely be a detailed information gathering session, and a suggested approach to the case will be discussed with the client.

Clients will receive a Health Action Plan which contains general dietary and lifestyle changes. No supplement programme will be suggested until the Nutritional Therapist has researched various options and checked possible nutrient-nutrient, drug-nutrients interactions (this will be discussed at your 1st follow up consultation).

General dietary information will be reviewed and the client will be asked to complete a 7 day diet analysis for next visit. This will help us gather more detailed dietary information in relation to any symptoms experienced. Laboratory tests may be suggested at this stage.

1st Follow up

A re-evaluation is usually scheduled within 4 weeks to assess the initial impact of recommended interventions

During this session a detailed personalised programme will be given (including possible supplement programme) once research and further dietary analysis has been completed. We will discuss successes/problems and how things have gone since initial consultation. We will review progress with the symptoms and explain potential causes of issues the client may be experiencing.

A detailed Health Action Plan will be given based on explanation on potential causes – this will be fully referenced (links to articles and studies can be provided on request).

Using an advanced software called Nutritics, the clients 7 day diet diary will be taken for analysis and reviewed for the next session.

If appropriate the laboratory test will be scheduled to be completed before 2nd follow up.

2nd Follow Up

We will run through a full progress review, and an explanation of your dietery analysis will be provided. You will receive a detailed dietary report looking at macronutrient (fat, carbs and protein), minerals and vitamins daily intake. Issues arising from dietary analysis (possible dietary deficiencies and excess) will be discussed and clear personal dietary recommendation will be given. An individual menu plan will be provided, and where required, lab analysis results will be discussed.

Weekly Catch Ups

In the first few months of the programme implementation we will have a weekly 1-2-1 or phone call to identify any challenges and have a general catch up on progress.

3 Month Review

3 months is the first major milestone in the programme. We will assess progress, review all plans & recommendations and amend as required.

6 Month Review

After 6 months we will run through a full programme analysis, identifying progress, goal success and whether we need to plan further into the future….

PLEASE NOTE – We are not qualified to diagnose any health condition and our recommendations are not intended to replace medical advice.  In the first instance, with any health condition, please consult your GP.

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