Unexplained infertility – there is hope

This was my and my husbands diagnosis before conceiving our little boy through IVF. Unexplained infertility. It was like a sentence. I had rather been diagnosed with a condition or given a reason for our inability to conceive a baby.

But there is hope. Some studies (see the links at the bottom) indicate that approx 20% of couples who went through IVF can still spontaneously conceive, especially if the diagnosis was unexplained infertility.  We have been among those LUCKY ones:) Yes, we are expecting our second baby. It was rather a huge surprise.

It is a mystery, science does not know why it happens. It could be that our body just knows what to do after previously being pregnant, or there is less stress present after having a baby or possibly it is due to the ovarian stimulation needed for IVF cycles or simply change in diet and lifestyle  (things within your control), or reduction in exposure to chemicals/toxins (this one you can control  to some extent), or the combination of the above factors.

Here is my list of things that we have done differently since going through IVF.  Our IVF journey was the reason for my career change and qualifying as Nutritional Therapist.

  • we went 80% organic. All the fruits, veg, grains, pulses, nuts, dairy we eat are organic
  • we reduced meat intake to 1-2 times a week, no processed meat, no read meat, mainly turkey and organic chicken if I can get hold of one
  • we try not to eat sugar, I say try as we are not 100% sugar free but we reduce it as much as we can
  • I do not use vegetable oils for cooking/frying, I use coconut oil instead
  • we do not eat any processed food, I cook everything from scratch
  • I supplement with vitamin D

As for the exposure to chemicals:

  • I got rid of all Teflon non stick cooking pots
  • I stopped using commercial body lotions and go for natural cosmetics or use coconut oil
  • I dont buy tinned food produce
  • I use glass water container for my gym water bottle

Plus we both exercise regularly, do not smoke, do not drink a lot. So who knows what helped us to conceive a baby. Diet and lifestyle changes are definitely worth a try. Good luck!…and if you need a little help or support please do get in touch.






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