Unexplained infertility – there is hope

This was my and my husbands diagnosis before conceiving our little boy through IVF. Unexplained infertility. It was like a sentence. I had rather been diagnosed with a condition or given a reason for our inability to conceive a baby. But there is hope. Some studies (see the links at the bottom) indicate that approx 20% of… Read more »

Foods for estrogen dominance

In my last post we talked about estrogen dominance being a root cause of many illnesses. But did you know that too much estrogen also leads to increased body fat? Hate your muffin top? Too many calories may not be the reason! Your belly fat might be the result of hormone imbalance, specifically too much… Read more »

Estrogen dominance

It’s true you can have too much of a good thing! No, i’m not talking about chocolate, but that essential female hormone; estrogen. Estrogen has many key functions in your body. It is responsible for regulation of your menstrual cycle, and your entire reproductive system. It also has an effect on your brain, bones, skins, liver… Read more »

Raw cauliflower salad

Balanced hormones are vital for fertility. Balanced hormones also have a major role to play in determining your mood. You may have already known that but did you also know that cauliflower may help to balance out of kilter hormones by reducing estrogen dominance. Cauliflower belongs to the cruciferous family (which also includes broccoli, cabbage… Read more »

Sweet potato muffins

Are you pregnant and crave sugar all the time, even for breakfast? Swap it for sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes for breakfast? Why not? Especially if they come in a form of yummy cakes. Simply delicious and nutritious. Why are sweet potatoes good for pregnancy? Fiber – it can help you relieve constipation, which is very common in… Read more »

Coconut oil – is it healthy or not?

Is coconut oil good for you? There appears to be a great deal of confusion about the health benefits of coconut oil. So what is the truth? Should you eat it or ditch it? Lets look at some facts first: Coconut oil is a natural rich source of medium-chain fatty acid. Those fatty acids burn better/faster… Read more »

Avocado – the wonder fruit?

What makes the avocado a wonder fruit? (yes, it is a fruit!) 1/3 of avocado (approx 50 grams) contains nearly 20 vitamins and minerals which makes it a perfect nutrient-dense food. Here are just a few reasons why you should add it to your diet. Avocado contains the following goodness: Folate: key nutrient for your baby`s developing… Read more »

Cacao or Cocoa – Difference and Health Benefits

Is cacao the same as cocoa…apart from the spelling that is? Well it isn’t! So what is the difference and which one is healthier? Cacao is the purest form of chocolate you can eat. It is raw and made by grinding up raw cacao beans, then by using a cold-pressing process cacao butter is extracted. This… Read more »

Coconut & Turmeric Soup

My latest favourite! This yummy soup is packed with a healthy punch. Better controlled weight, appetite and healthy gut due to prebiotic – onion and garlic, which are a type of fiber that feeds your good gut bacteria. Your gut bacteria has a big impact on your health in many ways! It is crucial for… Read more »

Is sugar your enemy?

So what is the deal with the sweet stuff? Did you know that sugar impacts your hormones?…and since it can cause hormone disruption, it can interfere with your fertility. Firstly, most of us have to accept that we simply consume too much of it. I am not talking just chocolates and cakes. It is the hidden sugar… Read more »


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