Healthy muffins

Diet high in refined carbohydrates such as sugar may have negative impact on your fertility. I will tell you more about it in my next post. For now I have a great  breakfast or snack idea for you (this recipe comes from These muffins are made with nutritious and healthy ingredients. No sugar or any kind… Read more »

Nutritional Support for Male Fertility

Did you know that 40-50% fertility problems are due to male infertility? If you happen to be a fella reading this, simply follow the advice below to naturally support your fertility with the right food choices. It takes your body three months to make new happy swimmers – so be patient! If you want your… Read more »

Oaty Cacao Bites

Great snack to satisfy your craving for something sweet. It contains low GI carbs (oats), which means no extreme high and low spikes in your blood sugar, healthy fats and protein and some natural sugars. Choose just one of the following nut butters, dependent on your needs for this delicious recipe: Peanut butter: it is a… Read more »

How to reduce allergy risk?

The other week I watched a very inspiring webinar, delivered by Bio Care, discussing how to reduce the risk of developing future allergies in infants while pregnant. I thought I would share some tips with all you mummies-to-be or those who are trying to conceive. Here is what was suggested pregnant mothers do, particularly those with atopic… Read more »

Quinoa cookies

Cookies for breakfast? Why not? These sweet things are packed with nutrients and healthy fats. Full of iron, folic acid and protein it is the perfect nutrient combination for all mums to be and anybody else wanting to reduce their sugar intake and eat more healthy… unless you have a nut allergy! Quinoa is a… Read more »

Sweet potato and courgette brownies

Believe me it tastes better than it sounds. Not a fan of veg? Pack them into your cake! Yes, you heard me cake… Make these delicious brownies with very little effort on your part. For a sweeter taste just add more dates. This is a healthy alternative to regular a brownie…just don`t eat the whole… Read more »

PCOS symptoms

In my previous blog I covered some nutrients helpful in managing insulin resistance common in women with PCOS. So what is this condition and what are the symptoms? Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition in which many small cysts grow on your ovaries (hence its name – polycystic ovary syndrome) causing hormonal imbalance. PCOS… Read more »

Nutrients for PCOS

If you are suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) your ovaries might not work properly, meaning you might not ovulate or ovulate irregularly. This can cause difficulty in getting pregnant. Insulin resistance is very common in women with PCOS. Do you know how to support insulin resistance with food? The following nutrients are very useful… Read more »

Importance of trace elements in pregnancy

Trace elements are required during pregnancy to reduce the risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes such as preterm delivery and miscarriage. Have a diet rich in food sources of those nutrients for a healthy and happy pregnancy. Food is your best medicine, so go for fresh and organic where possible. Copper: ensures normal baby growth, supports… Read more »

Lentils and Spinach Dhal

I would like to share with you a new nutritious recipe I cooked today. It only took me 30min to make, all cooked by 8am – thanks to my one year old for waking me up before 6am! It comes from The Sunday Times food magazine (March 2017). Spinach is packed with nutrients. It contains… Read more »


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